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Isotonix products come in powder form and, when mixed with water, become isotonic solutions, meaning the nutrients are delivered efficiently and rapidly. There are no fillers or capsules, so the time and work necessary to absorb Isotonix nutraceuticals is greatly decreased. Maximum absorption, superior results.

Liz's Experience

 Dan introduced me to OPC 3 – 8 years ago to help with my        tree pollen allergies.  I was skeptical at first to try the                      product, because I had never heard of it before and mixing          the OPC 3 powder with water was something new to me.            Eventually, I tried the product; used it consistently and              noticed a difference.  I was thrilled I didn’t need to take              Benadryl and Claritin which had become my go to allergy            relief medication for years.  My allergies have lessened and        are much more manageable.  

Dan's Experience

I have been a CFO for over 10 years. Having advised many clients on diversification strategies, I thought why not takes my own advice! On top of the business opportunity, I became a consumer of my own products…what a great way to pay myself and my business partners.

I have been a physically active person my entire life.  This is my 55th year of riding and I can say it has been the greatest I learned a thing or two about inflammation and the long term                                                                impact it can have on our bodies. I decided to combat this                                                                      problem with a combination of antioxidants in my daily routine.                                                            I have used our Isotonix blend of products including OPC-3, Co                                                           Enzyme Q10, and a multi-vitamin. This has become my                                                                           breakfast “orange juice” and actually tastes great.



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